Molly S.


- Increased overall strength

- Shoulder Rehab - through strength training and acupuncture

- Mental clarity and confidence

I have been working with Mari for almost a year now and I feel so happy that I’ve gotten the chance to do so! I have always loved exercise but I came to Mari wanting to treat myself by getting an experts input on strength training.

It has been such a journey but I am now lifting weights safely, and feel so strong and confident. Mari has taught me how to strengthen my core and back and use my whole body in harmony in ways that I was not before.

I am now even more of a gym rat - the gym is definitely my happy place to take care of my mind and body and have fun while doing so. I am grateful also that Mari has helped me to seek out holistic treatment for chronic shoulder pain I’d been living with - she gave me the push to try acupuncture, and in the meantime designs my routines with my injury and pain in mind. Thank you, Mari!!! ❤️  

Christine R.


- Increased hip mobility - through yoga and dynamic stretching

- Shoulder Rehab - through strength training

- Overall increased strength

“Mariana is one of the most driven people I’ve come across in the fitness world - and that’s saying a lot! She is an excellent instructor and genuinely cares about the success of her clients.

Her fitness level itself is motivation. And you know she can guide you in rehabilitation exercise all the way to advanced workouts due to her own fitness journey and expertise. She’s vastly knowledgeable in technique, nutrition, and recovery.

I’ve worked out with Mariana in both the gym and the yoga studio and can attest that her workouts will get you to the next fitness level if you stick with it. I highly recommend!”

Angela W.


- Stress Management through breathing techniques, yoga, and health coaching

- Post-baby strength training

“I have worked with Mari for many years. As a person, she is a truly awesome human. She cares so much about others and clearly has a calling to help people. You will feel this the minute you meet her. 

She is so passionate about fitness, yoga, and health. She helped me create a more balanced state in my life and in my fitness routines. She helped me fine-tune my yoga practice as well as create a fitness routine that fits my current needs. I am a working momma so my schedule doesn’t allow me to do be at the gym/yoga studio as often as I once was. She also helped me get my eating back on the right track.

Mari will work with you and help you reach your goals. She will listen, she will care, and she will be your biggest advocate. Work with her, it will be one of the best decisions of your life!”

Ryan C. 


- Lower back rehabilitation and strengthening to support active skiing, road biking, and weight lifting

- Stress Management and nutritional support 70+-hour work week

“I have been working with Mari for over 1.5 years and can confidently say she has helped get into the best athletic condition of my life. 

I initially started working with her because I wanted to evolve my strength training but became quickly amazed at how her focus on form, breathing, and nutrition have pushed me to another level. I used to think the formula was all ‘no pain, no gain’ - yet her focus on new habits (like dynamic stretching and yoga) helped me recover faster and perform stronger. 

As a busy professional, I appreciate how each workout is carefully thought out; she is all about personalizing the experience and I can see the results. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”