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12/27 - Arrival in Salvador (SSA)

12/28 - Salvador Private Tour & Traditional Brazilian Dinner

12/29 - Private Transportation from Salvador to Morro de Sao Paulo (approx. 2 hrs - boat & van)

12/30-01/02 - Stay in Morro de Sao Paulo Island

01/02 - Private Transportation from Morro de Sao Paulo to Lencois (approx. 7 hrs - boat & van)

01/02-01/07 - Stay in the Chapada Diamantina National Park

01/07 - Private Transportation back to Salvador (approx. 6 hrs - van)




Once the magnificent capital of Portugal’s great New World colony, Salvador is the country’s Afro-Brazilian jewel. Its brilliantly hued center is a living museum of 17th- and 18th-century architecture and gold-laden churches. More importantly, Salvador is the nexus of an incredible arts movement. Wild festivals happen frequently, with drum corps pounding out powerful rhythms against the backdrop of colonial buildings almost daily. At night, capoeira circles form on plazas and open spaces, while the scent of acarajé(bean and shrimp fritters) and other African delights fills the evening air. Elsewhere in town, a different spirit flows through the crowd as religious followers celebrate and reconnect with African gods at mystical Candomblé ceremonies. In fact, there’s no other place in the world where descendants of African slaves have preserved their heritage as well as in Salvador – from music and religion to food, dance and martial-arts traditions. Aside from the many attractions within Salvador, gorgeous coastline lies right outside the city – a suitable introduction to the tropical splendor of Bahia.


Morro de Sao Paulo is located 60 km south of Salvador the Capital of Bahia. It is part of an archipelago of 26 islands, only three of them inhabited. It's in the district of the city of Cairú, an island of the archipelago Tinharé which is connected with the mainland. Beaches with clear water and white sand and palm trees beyond the Mata Atlantica (Atlantic forest) that make up the perfect scenario for the visitors of this tropical paradise. In Morro de Sao Paulo the beaches are called in numerical order, Primeira Praia (First Beach), Segunda Praia (Second Beach), Terceira Praia (Third Beach), Quarta Praia (Fourth Beach) and Quinta Praia (Fifth Beach) or Praia do Encanto Beach as it is also named. Each beach has its own history, trajectory and characteristics that offer different options for the tourist.


On this tour we're gonna meet some of the Tinharé and Boipeba islands' most beautiful beaches. We'll do it by boat, relaxing on the beaches and tasting its main local products.

The tour will start at you hotel at  09:00 am where our tour leader will be waiting for you. After that we will walk about 20 minutes to get to the boat that will be our primary mean of transportation thorough our trip.

The first stop will be Garapuá beach that will amaze visitors with its natural pools that are ideal to practice snorkel and colorful fish watching that live in this place (these activities depend on the weather for an optimal visibility).

We'll encounter a similar sea line on our next stop: Moreré beach. This place has stayed away from tourist and urban development that both Morro de Sao Paulo and Boipeba have had. You can only get there via boats or tractors that leave from Boipeba. Its natural pools are pristine and easy to snorkel.

Then we'll go to Cueira Beach. Here we'll be able to enjoy the cuisine that local fishermen offer us with lobster as the main attraction.

The next destination is Boca da Barra beach in Boipeba. Once there we will eat some typical local dish based on fish and seafood. The gentle breeze of this place will give us some time to digest our lunch.

We will continue our tour sailing on Rio do Inferno, a water passage that divides the Tinharé and Boipeba islands and we'll head towards Cairu, the administrative city of Tinharé archipelago, to visit the Santo Antonio convent, historic heritage from Brazil colonial times.

Then on our way to Morro de Sao Paulo we will stop at  Canavieira's natural oyster breeder, where you can taste their various dishes besides taking one last bath.



New Year’s Eve in Brazil is one of the most special days of the year. Either for religious, spiritual, or purely personal reasons, Brazilians take the welcoming of the new year very seriously, holding large celebrations and taking part in a number of rituals and traditions. What’s more, December is a summer month in the southern hemisphere, and Brazil’s gorgeous weather and stunning natural beauty make it a superb destination for a New Year’s holiday. Remember to bring a white outfit and brand new underwear to wear for the big party.


Experience a day in the life of Elias, a mangrove fisherman who lives alone inside the mangrove, behind a river with an incredible little beach. Elias will teach us how to fish for mussels and crabs in the mangrove, cook local dishes and enjoy the baiano life in his private beach area.


If you want to see a flip side to surf-and-sand Bahia, or have time for only one excursion into the Northeastern interior, this is it. Lençóis is the prettiest of the old diamond-mining towns in the Chapada Diamantina, a mountainous wooded oasis in the dusty sertão(backlands of the Northeast). While the town itself has charming cobbled streets, brightly painted 19th-century buildings, and appealing outdoor cafés and restaurants, the surrounding areas are the real attraction. Caves, waterfalls, idyllic rivers and panoramic plateaus set the stage for some fantastic adventures, with the town of Lençóis serving as a base for treks into the surrounding Parque Nacional da Chapada Diamantina and for sights outside the park.


We will leave Lençóis at the morning straight to the city of Ibicoara. We’ll start the tour to Buracão Waterfall. This waterfall has a freefall of 80 meters and perhaps most impressive is the amount of water that it ejects from this lofty perch. Buracão's especially curvy canion makes it the most beautiful waterfall of Chapada Diamantina.

From Buracão you’ll continue on to the town of Mucugê where you will visit the famous Byzantine Cemetary and the Prospector Square. That night you’ll sleep in Mucugê in a pousada.

The next day we'll continue to visit the Enchanted Pool, a subterranean lake with a tone of intense blue water and the Blue Pool which is situated at the bottom of a cave, where a closing of sunlight penetrates the water during the afternoon allowing you to enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable dip in this magical cave.

8. FUMACA WATERFALL - and panoramic view of Morrao

This is one of the most iconic destinations in the Capão Valley where you will begin a 6km hike to the top of Fumaça Waterfall, the second tallest in Brazil, with about 380m of free fall which forms a fine mist.  On the way back, besides a wonderful panoramic view of Morrão, you will stop for a swim at Riachinho Waterfall, a small waterfall and natural pool, to finish off the day and re-energize.


One of the days in Chapada will be about exploring some of its most beautiful natural caves. The first stop is on the Mucugezinho River.  From there you will follow the river bed to Poço do Diabo (Devil’s Pool), and the waterfall that feeds into it.  Enjoy this spot and take a swim or take advantage of the zipline or rappelling (optional - and must confirm interest in advance).

Next, we will continue to Iraquara, known as the city of caves, where we will visit Pratinha Farm which offers a large pool of crystalline waters where we can snorkel (optional) inside the Pratinha Cave (a small cave attached to the pool) where you`ll enjoy an incredible visual of thousands of small fish in the incredibly transparent waters.  Still on the same property, you’ll walk just a short distance to Gruta Azul (Blue Cave) where you’ll have a great visual of the blue water at the bottom of this cave (bathing is not allowed).

The next stop will put you at Gruta da Fumacinha (Fumacinha’s Cave), 70 km from Lençóis.  This cave is rich in geologic formations. You will be approximately 40 minutes inside the cave.

Finally you’ll make the ascent up Pai Inácio Hill where you’ll enjoy perhaps the most beautiful and iconic panoramic view of the Chapada.  If we are lucky we'll catch an amazing sunset to top off the day.



I have a two options for this day depending on the weather and how the group is feeling. Either way it will be something active! We will either do something more car and short walk dependent or a longer hike to a waterfall.  





Brazil is just around the corner and I cannot wait to host you guys in my country through some exciting adventures! To reserve your spot on this trip send me an email confirmation and a $500 deposit to my Venmo account (@MarianaDeCarvalho) by October 22nd.


Booking your flight to Salvador (SSA) is easy, but not to be misunderstood with El Salvador (happens often)!

Unless you are planning to arrive in Brazil earlier or leave a little later plan to make the dates below your main filtering points.

Arrival in SSA: by evening of December 27th

Departure from SSA: January 8th and onward

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You are required to obtain a Brazilian Travel Visa prior to leaving your home countries. If you or a 'proxy' is unable to apply for a visa in-person from a Brazilian Consulate, consider using a third-party agency. Please book a visa appointment as soon as possible to avoid processing delays.


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Each day during this trip you will be witnessing a beautiful landscape and getting in contact with a unique cultural experience. To keep our minds and bodies healthy throughout the trip I will be providing daily opportunities to keep yourself feeling your strongest self. These activities will follow the itinerary. On hiking days we will warm up prior to the tour, have a moment to meditate at the sites, and finish the day with a cool down stretch. On non-hiking days we will either have a morning yoga flow or group workout routine followed by a group meditation.

ps - all physical and mindful practices are not at all mandatory.


Many of you have reached out to me about wanting to also visit Rio de Janeiro. I have been to Rio many times and think it is extremely worth the visit! So if some of you want to go after our trip ends I am happy to help you organize your stay there!