Mariana de carvalho
Mariana de carvalho
sf personal trainer / san francisco, ca 94103

The Trainer


An entrepreneur, personal trainer, and relentless coach dedicated to helping you regain control of your health. My passion for fitness started while working in investment banking when yoga and strength training helped me find balance....


The Method

I am here to make you fit! Now, before we go further, let’s redefine fit shall we? Because the fit I am talking about reaches far beyond six packs and low body fat percentage.

Fit means unlocking your mental and physical potential, nurturing your health and happiness, and using your unique talents to transform your life.

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Personal Training

Scientific and holistic road mapping, customized programming, and transformational coaching so you can focus on being your most powerful self.

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private yoga

Invigorating full body yoga flows and focused breath work meant to energize your daily life, tone your body, and bring ease to your mind.


Health Coaching

Optimized nutrition, exercise routine, and work-life balance systems to thrive on and remove the roadblocks that keep you and your body from feeling like your best self.


The Space



DIAKADI is an athletic heaven in SoMA and constantly ranked the top personal training gym in the Bay. This is not your typical "bro-gym" or sweaty center, but a laboratory for wellness fanatics who care about their performance and holistic health. I fell in love with it and I am confident you will too!

This is an environment that enhances and empowers you to move with purpose. All around, you will witness athletes overcoming their limits, and it is infectious. DIAKADI's impact also goes beyond the gym by making a difference in our local community.

By working with me, you get access to a world class facility to boost your fitness journey!

*Complimentary parking, towel service, and refreshments station.

The Details

  • Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Yoga Alliance Association (YA), and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

  • Holistic Personal Trainer at DIAKADI Fitness Performance Life

  • Instructor at The Assembly

  • Member of the Liz Letchford’s coaching team

  • Former Manager in investment banking

  • Travel, workout, and yoga junkie